Δ-Framework : a Simple PHP Framework
This is the framework used to build this site.
The purpose of this framework is to be very SIMPLE, very easy to use, and easy to improve.
Light configuration, no sql database, no requirement except a PHP server, ready to install and use.
Very small size, ready to start a simple web site, easy to move on an other server.
It is not recommended for a professional usage, just for a personnal usage in current state.

KISS principle : easy to install, to use and to modify (Keep it simple stupid)
MVC pattern : the Model, the View, the Controllers and the View Models are well separated
Templates : including a tiny Template Builder to build View templates
Zurb Foundation ready : including Zurb Foundation library and pages models ready to use
Ajax : including an Ajax Controller for dynamic contents
Jquery : including Jquery, for Zurb and ajax controller
Compatible PHP 5.1.3 : no namespaces, can be used on servers that have not upgraded their php version for any reason
Small : there's nothing more, so you're free to build your own components and to add more libraries in your project

Released on GitHub : https://github.com/obewan/d-framework

New release 1.1
New Common Creative licence : https://cc.ascribe.io/app/pieces/38188
New release 1.0 : downloadable on GitHub https://github.com/obewan/d-framework